The single most important thing for any owner or manager to know in the operation of a storage facility is their state's storage regulatory scheme. In California we have the Self-Service Storage Facilities Act in our Business and Professions Code. It is important to me to help operators fully understand the mechanisms of the law so that their facilities may function smoothly and efficiently. While the Self-Service Storage Facilities Act is the primary law that affects the industry, it is not the only one involved in storage operations. It can be a bumpy road to navigate through all of the codes that govern Self-Service Storage facilities. I hope that my newsletters help to smooth out some of those bumps!

Because of the individual attention that I bring to my clients' legal matters, I like to get to know my clients and their operations. Although most of my clients are in the San Francisco Bay Area, I am also available for telephone consulting, or can be reached by email by clicking my name in the comments area below.